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Mar 30

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To all the people…

[rant warning] who are complaining about only getting in to UCSD instead of some school with a more prestigious name, please stop. Coming in with that attitude makes up a group of people who are part of the reason UCSD isn’t in that top ivy/costal ivy ring yet (and I say yet because we’ve come very far for such a young university. We’re obviously heading there.)

1. UCSD is not worse than UCLA. UCLA merely gets higher rankings because it has a football team and is older, but that doesn’t make it a better school, our school is more highly ranked in terms of research and in many science fields. Okay, so we’re a nerdier school, but this is a university, you can’t really think that’s a bad thing. Same goes to Berkeley. For every one of you who got in here but not to either of those I’m willing to bet you live closer to one of those, and for every one of you I’ll show you one person living in San Diego that got in to Berkeley and UCLA but not UCSD. I’ve seen it happen over and over, that’s just what happens in the UCs, you’re rarely admitted where you live. UCSD has nobel prize winning professors, and is unquestionably a world class institution (take one look at all the international kids paying ridiculous amounts to go here.) Be happy. *death glare* Now.

2. This was so many people’s dream school. You’re taking the spot of someone who would do anything to be in your shoes, and don’t be guilty of the arrogance of thinking they’re less intelligent than you or less ambitious about life. For some majors, there’s not a better place to be. Say your dream school was Yale, how would you feel if you saw some Yale admit on tumblr going “gosh, I really wish I could have gotten in to Princeton instead, I liked them better, boo my life sucks and Yale is such a lame school, I should have worked harder and avoided ending up in such a crappy place.” It sounds dumb, right? And if Yale was your dream you would be hurt, right? You sound like that when you complain about UCSD. Stop it.

3. People saying they “slacked off” and ended up here or “didn’t work hard enough” are still saying that other schools are better than UCSD, but that’s giving other schools a bit too much credit. Once you hit a certain level admissions become much more of a lottery, so if you ended up at UCSD you’re both above average smart and had something interesting about you that caught the eye of an admissions officer, it means no more or no less.

[rant complete] Thank you for listening.  CONGRATULATIONS to all new admits, you’re in for an amazing four years and a world class education if you come in with the right attitude. :)

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